Scott’s Connoisseur - The Reynolds Special

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Reynolds Special   

1932 - Reynolds Special 600cc                                        

Scott’s Connoisseur - 596cc water-cooled two-stroke

Scott’s fortunes waned after the death of the company founder Alfred Scott and a receiver was appointed in 1931 when the Yorkshire factory hit serious financial problems. But, the marque survived, mainly to the thanks of Liverpool dealer Albert E Reynolds. As a Scott agent since the early 1920’s he sold his own range of accessories and ran a service depot, known as The Scott Hospital.

A deal was struck under which the Scott factory in Bradford built machines to Reynolds’ specifications. The first model was called the Aero Special, taking its name from his initials, but was soon changed to the Reynolds Special. The distinguishing features of the Special are the twin headlamps, a Brampton bottom-link girder fork, streamlined radiator and Velocette positive-stop foot gearchange.

Reynolds Special                      Reynolds Special

A spring frame option was available, thanks to Reynolds having a licence to use plunger units designed by London Inventor Gordon Barnett.

The engine in this model is Scott’s 600cc Power Plus Replica, with aluminium heads on the inclined cylinders and primary chain drive to the three-speed gearbox. Although not cheap 100 guineas, the smooth-running 80mph Reynolds Special was aimed at the discerning connoisseur.

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