The Nation in mourning

Last night’s announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s passing was received with sadness and disbelief.

HRH Elizabeth

Although it would be inevitable at some stage, the sudden deterioration in her health took us all by surprise; just 48 hours before still performing her duties to welcome the new Prime Minister.

Whether you’re a monarchist or not, Her Royal Highness dedicated seventy years of her life serving the nation; warming our hearts and affectionately becoming everyone’s “Mum”.

The heart of the nation went out to you as you grieved alone at the funeral of your beloved husband Prince Philip, showing total integrity during the pandemic; following the rules set upon us be the government, you showed everyone that you were one of us. Your humility bonded us as no other could.

She was an independent and resourceful lady away from the crown, still driving herself in later life, rather than being reliant on others. Her sense of fun made her human, her words made us think and her compassion reassured us.   

Before she became The Queen, she served in the women's Auxiliary Territory Services as a driver and mechanic. Her training also involved gaining experience on two wheels, having been pictured riding motorcycles on numerous occasions.

Her passion and enthusiasm for two and four wheels spread to her grandchildren. Prince William is well-known as a motorcycle fan. He has attended the Isle of Man TT Races in the past and owned at one point a Ducati 1198 sports bike, which is also the last model to win Ducati a World Championship - in 2011

William’s brother, Prince Harry, used to own a Triumph Daytona 675, too, and the pair shared together a 1,000-mile charity ride on Honda enduro bikes across Africa in 2008. 

Ma’am you’ve inspired so many people, now it’s time for you to rest - R.I.P.

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