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michael dunlop road racer

Road Racer by Michael Dunlop

 In reviewing this book the first thing to say is that anyone that rides the Isle of Man TT deserves respect.  I’ve tried going nearly 200mph on a Hayabusa and that’s an experience neither me nor my underwear are in any hurry to repeat.

That being said, how does the book stand up?  This book is a very candid look at the life of Michael Dunlop.  This is not the usual self serving peek behind selected curtains that most celebrities serve up as biographies.  You can’t read this book and not gain a deeper respect for the man.  The first third of the book pays homage to Michael’s father Robert.  Seen through Michael’s eyes.  The eyes of a loving and son that grew up the son of his hero.

This book gives the reader an insight into the dedication, courage and determination required to become a road racer.  It also gives the reader a clear account of the cost and rewards of being part of the Dunlop dynasty. 

Road Racer tells a very human story that is at times tragic, at times uplifting and at times amusing.  This is a book not just for those interested in the Dunlop family or motorcycle sport but also for anyone who can relate to being a human being and all that that entails.

Reviewed by Mark Leese


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