Dizzy Fizzy's Flashback

Fizzy Yahama FS1E

Iconic Yahama FS1E

Dizzy Fizzy's Flashback

The Staffordshire Bike Show is always a favourite of mine and nostalgia oozes from every turn; whether that be a box of spares or the shiny pride and joy of a beloved owner.

I came across an emotional "Blast from the past" when I stumbled across a pristine line of Yamaha FS1E's. I recalled being in awe of my 16 year old school friends who owned such a prize, a 50cc "Fizzy", something my meagre paper round couldn't finance.

The lady on the stand was fun of enthusiasm recalling her childhood antics, which to my amazement include popping a wheelie on her machine. That spark of nostalgia from my schooldays was a highlight of my day.

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