Frank Melling - Classic Superbikes Reviewed

Classic Superbikes Frank Melling

Motorbike Mad Frank Melling

Frank Melling - Classic Superbikes Reviewed

If anyone deserves the title of Motorbike Mad it's Frank Melling. He has devoted his life to two wheels both as a journalist and author and as the driving force behind the Thundersprint events. Whilst Frank is both respected and trusted by the biking community he still remains essentially a regular guy with an uncompromising passion for motorcycles.  Frank's writing embodies his passion warmth and integrity making for compelling reading.

In Classic Superbikes Frank serves up an interesting and surprising mix of machines, from racing icons like the Gilera Four to film star owned bikes such as the Honda Rune and that's all the spoilers you're getting.  With his often-unique access Frank takes us behind the scenes to get up close and personal with the bikes. 

Frank Melling Motorbike Mad

However, what really makes this book stand out is that Frank gives us a personal account of what the bikes are like to ride. 

There are also some first hand accounts from people involved with legendary men and machines as they wrote their names indelibly in biking history.  We are talking about the stories from behind the scenes of generation defining moments, bikes and the iconic figures that made them happen. 

This book is perfect for picking up and choosing which bike to read about and there are race bikes, motocross, old brit iron as well as bikes that have their own legendary status and bikes that despite fanfare slipped quietly in to obscurity.

The production quality is excellent and the photographs wouldn't look out of place on the wall of any man cave, sorry person cave. With a cover price of just £7.99 this book deserves to find its way into every bikers Christmas stocking.  

Classic Superbikes

Author Mark Leese

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