Classic Superbikes – by Frank Melling

Frank Melling

Our featured book comes courtesy of Frank Melling 

Frank Melling

Frank Melling began riding motorcycles when he was ten years old and has been in love with bikes ever since. He has decided that it is now too late to grow up and be sensible. For the same reasons, he has been writing about motorcycles professionally for over 45 years and can’t give up this addiction either! 

Today Frank remains what he was, and always will be, an ordinary person with an extraordinary ability to see the world in a quite remarkable way.

He has worked with some of the greatest World Champions, and has ridden their bikes, yet remains completely unaffected by his worldwide VIP status.

                          Frank Melling Classic Superbikes

                                Classic Superbikes – by Frank Melling

There are many great books about classic motorcycling, which are packed with fascinating technical information and critical dates in a bike’s production life. Classic Superbikes isn’t one of them!

Instead, these are the stories of bikes which keep you awake at night just thinking about them. There are no sensible machines, which you buy just because they are good value and spares are easy to find. These are motorcycles, which you dream about riding, the best of the best of the best.

You’re never going to find a grown up reason for owning a 1957 Gilera Four but there are plenty of bikes you could have, like Melling’s favourite Mk1 Norton Commando or the fabulous Triumph Street Twin – the bike which always brings a smile to the faces of the Triumph staff who designed it.

Frank Melling 1957 Gilera 4            Mike Hailwood 1978 TT

Each story is told in Melling’s quirky, original style – peppered with unique anecdotes and oozing enthusiasm for the big, bold bikes he loves so much. You might agree, or disagree, with Melling’s opinions but for sure you will want to read on. 

Frank Melling is the best storyteller in motorcycling journalism with 26 top-selling books to his name. Opinionated, funny, informative and always entertaining, Melling will keep you turning the pages of Classic Superbikes from beginning to end.

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