Vodka powered motorcycle that didn’t hang around for a hangover

Yahama XS850 Vodka Motorcycle

The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed trials, was the setting for a record breaking performance by a converted Yahama XS850. This 1980 machine achieved an incredible average speed of 113mph, beating it’s own original target of 98mph by a sizable 15mph.

This project motorbike was hand-built by the distillery’s owner Ryan Montgomery and is called ‘Sudden Wisdom’ after the distillery’s rye whiskey. Recycling some of the impurities that would normally be discarded from the distilling process, created the fuel, a clean burning ethanol.

Following the record-breaking run, the distillery took to Instagram to thank the pit crew and sponsors, commenting: “Holy shit we actually did it. Nothing official yet, but we blew out the old record with an average 113 mph."

Unfortunately, it appears that Sudden Wisdom's amateur record was later beaten. If Carlsberg made motorbike fuel, it would probably be …………

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