Proud Supporters of Bikers Impact CIC

Bikers Impact CIC

Bikers Impact

Proud Supporters of Bikers Impact CIC

We are proud to be involved with such a worthy cause and supporting them with fund raising and creating awareness for what they are trying to achieve. Bikers Impact is a Not For Profit, Community Interest Company dedicated to helping biker’s with mental health issues.

The founders, Mike and Mark, are fully aware of the serious effects that emotional and physical trauma can cause to an individual, leaving them to feel isolated and unable to cope. Incidents such as accidents or near death experiences can cause issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety and a lack of confidence.

As distressing as the initial incident may be, the ongoing negative impact on the person can spiral out of control, effecting employment, relationships and quality of life. Ultimately they want in intercept and turn the tide as soon as possible to avoid long term illness or even suicidal thoughts and intentions. Typically men don’t wanted to talk, but we must open up conversations on every level. This project is open to anyone in the biking community, their friends and their extended families; in essence anyone who needs help and support.

Their aim is to support bikers with free of charge counselling sessions to guide them on the road to recovery. 

Now’s the time to ask for your help.

If you or your company can help to support them or promote them in anyway please get in touch. They’re passionate about making a really difference to people and turning their lives around.

More information on their website

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