Motorbike Mad Bullet Polish review

Motorbike Mad Bullet Polish review

Polishing up our act - We met James from Bullet Polish at the Staffordshire Classic Bike Show and were interested in his story. He said that after spending 30yrs cleaning and polishing Fire Engines, he was on the look out for a simpler and better solution than good old elbow grease. On a road trip to America to purchase a traditional RV, he came across an enthusiast who said, “James you gotta try this stuff.” As they say the rest is history  

Motorbike Mad’s very own Mark, was eager to take up the challenge of Bullet Polish and here is his review

These days cleaning cars and bikes has grown into an industry called detailing. An industry lead by technology with Graphine, Ceramics and even Nano tech becoming the latest flavour of the month. The problem with a lot of these products is that they are not easy to apply correctly on the driveway or they can take hours of work to achieve the desired result, even professional installation (not sure if I agree that polishes and coatings can be 'installed').

So when I was asked to test Bullet Carnauba wax although some would consider it old hat I was happy to try it. I decided to test the product on a metallic black car because metallic black is hard to get a good finish on. As well as that the much larger panels would highlight the amount of time and work needed to do the job.

Motorbike Mad Bullet Review

The instructions were simple. Just spray, wipe on with one of the cloths in the kit and buff off with the other. Following the instructions resulted in getting a good finish on the whole car in short order. In terms of beading and sheeting Bullet Carnauba Wax may not be as good as the latest tech but it is easy, simple and quick to apply. The water displacement is good and the shine is as good as anything else I have seen.

The range of surfaces the manufacturer claims it can be used on is extensive, even a car windscreen, something I have tested (I will have to let you know how that goes in the rain at night etc). Given the success I had with the test car I decided to push the Bullet wax further and tried it on my Matt black helmet. Any Matt finish is a nightmare to maintain and Matt black is the worst by some margin. Having removed the insect carcasses I applied the Bullet wax and immediately achieved a clean lid which retained it's Matt look and repelled water well. 

In conclusion, Bullet Carnauba wax is a reasonably priced, easy and quick to apply product that produces good results. Long term testing is definitely justified and we hope to bring you the results in due time.

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Author Mark Leese

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