Lightning Strike - Faster than a speeding bullet?

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike - Faster than a speeding bullet?

Well maybe not, that privilege is kept for Superman, but without doubt electric bikes are the future of riding. This isn't just a concept whim or fantasy, it's living and breathing right under our noses, and breaking records to boot; not just in it's own class, but trailblazing petrol bikes to suck on it's non-existent fumes. 

Lightning Strike

Lightning Motorcycles is announced the official launch of the all-new Lightning Strike – a fully electric motorcycle designed to shock the motorcycle industry in every dimension by offering premium design, performance and technology for an ultra-competitive starting price of $12,998.

Since Lightning was founded in 2009, and has now achieved the third stage of its product development plan with the launch of Strike.

Strike’s design is intended to blend elements of track-ready performance, with daily ride and comfort. It shares clear design DNA with the LS-218 halo bike in a slightly more compact package.

Strike is by far the most aerodynamically efficient electric motorcycle on the market today, especially compared to other non-faired electric motorcycles. It achieves 30% reduction in aerodynamic drag at 70 mph resulting in significantly improved highway range.

A key aspect of every Lightning product is performance and Strike is no exception. Based on architecture and innovation developed with the Lightning LS-218 Superbike, Strike is engineered for the track but designed for the street. Strike’s fully liquid cooled AC induction motor is capable of producing 90 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque in the standard version of Strike and 120 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque in Strike Carbon Edition configuration. The standard Strike has a top speed of 135 mph while Strike Carbon Edition pushes its top speed to 150 mph.

Lightning Strike   Lightning Strike

With three battery sizes and various charging methods, this machine can fast charge in 35 minutes to keep you on the go and fully charge overnight to achieve between 100 miles and 200 miles range.

Strike Carbon Edition is the ultimate version of Strike. True to its name, Strike Carbon Edition features full carbon fibre bodywork handcrafted at Lightning’s in-house carbon studio. Strike Carbon Edition is also fully configured with 120 horsepower, 180 lb-ft torque motor, 20 kWh battery and Level 3 DC fast charging as standard.

Deliveries will begin in July 2019 starting with Strike Carbon Edition followed by Standard versions of Strike. Initially distribution will start in the United States but Lightning will announce plans for international expansion in late 2019.

Lightning was founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley with the mission of building two-wheel electric vehicles with superior performance, efficiency and affordability than current gasoline alternatives. Lightning is dedicated to developing highly advanced products that will attract new motorcycle riders based on ease of operation, accessible performance and superior rider experience.

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