Captain America’s tribute bike, designed and built by the legendary Colin Rutherford

Captain America Tribute Motorbike Colin Rutherford Harley Davidson

Captain America’s tribute bike, designed and built by the legendary Colin Rutherford

Harley Davidson Springer custom

My eager anticipation to see the amazing Millennium Captain America tribute bike didn’t disappoint as Steve pulled up the door on his garage. Glistening from its abundance of polished chrome, it was clear to see what a prized machine this was. The detailed stars and stripes paintwork was complemented with a matching helmet casually hanging from the handles bars and the backdrop of an American Flag. This was a passionately mad motorbike owner.

 The bike was a hand-built custom Harley Davidson 1340 Soft Tail, designed by the legendary Colin Rutherford in 1999 to celebrate the millennium. It was original used as a show bike, travelling to various events to demonstrate Colin’s expertise, but in later life has been exercised on 10000 miles of road, turning heads on its way. It’s a truly original machine, authenticated by its West Coast Harley-Davidson badge, stating it was Colin Rutherford’s Custom No 7.

Captain America Tribute Motorbike         Captain America Tribute Motorbike

 Colin Rutherford sadly died earlier this year in a motorcycle accident, so no more of his amazing custom-builds will grace us, making this bike even more rare and special. Clearly the latest owner is paying respectful homage to this pristine machine standing as if on a pedestal in the centre of his spotless garage.

 It wasn’t as immaculate when Steve bought it. He described it as unloved, but with a month of hard work and TLC, he managed to restore it to its former glory. I doubt it’ll see many winter rides that could dull the chrome-work, but he does expect to unleash its beauty on an unsuspecting public at Bike 4 Life 2019,

Captain America Tribute Motorbike       Captain America Tribute Motorbike 

The only draw back that has been, he had to sell his collection of bikes to pay for his dream machine, which only has one seat. His wife is an avid pillion passenger, travelling with Steve on many long journeys throughout several countries. I could smell baking coming from the kitchen; maybe it was humble pie for Steve to eat whilst he thinks up a suitable compromise for his wife.  

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  • Allan Crooks on

    Hi I am really interested in buying this bike , it’s a long shot and I’m wondering if you could contact the owner on my behalf , and express my interest in ow ing this bike . Thank you

  • Mark Hollings on

    I now own this wonderful Harley ,really fun to ride ,old and young point and wave when I potato potato along weymouth sea front in Dorset where it now resides, and of course it’s mandatory to wear the star and stripe helmet ,doesn’t seem right not to.
    Let’s hope we get rid of covid so we can do some rally’s ect this year .
    Rgds Mark

  • Stu Baillie on

    Made original seat for Colin at west coast then we went on to own area51 custom cycles then house of custom . Which since the accident I decided to close shop after 15 years together. The bike was first owned by bill Smith. If you want any information feel free to get in touch. Cheers Stu.

  • Davy Carney on

    Colin is sadly missed and no one in Scotland new more about Harleys than he did 😢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Brian Rutherford on

    I am very pleased someone who values my brother’s work, owns this one.

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